Lloyds Register quality-assurance iso9001 logoNeo is a custom design and engineering company that delivers innovative solutions to help streamline complex processes, deliver efficient customer service and provide a brand point-of-presence.

We help clients in the retail, racing and wagering, healthcare, border control, education, corrections and community and government sectors to deliver self-service sales and information to their customers and citizens, 24/7, indoors and out, anywhere and everywhere.

We partner with systems integrators to expand their capabilities with custom design, manufacture and long term support, so that they can offer a complete, end-to-end solution that is a 100 percent match to their customers’ requirements.

Whatever their industry, the common characteristic across all our clients is that they are innovators; organisations who understand the power of technology to transform their business or service.

NeoProducts was founded in 1987 in Melbourne and is a recognised leader in the field of custom design and engineering.

Our clients can choose from our range of pre-designed self-service solutions – tried and tested products, with over 60,000 deployments in Australia, New Zealand, Asia and Europe.

Or they can bring us their design brief and we’ll build a unique solution, or adapt an existing one for a 100 percent fit with individual requirements.

Whatever the choice, every product leaves the Neo factory with a long-term warranty. We know that our products will be put through their paces by inexperienced users, 24/7 use, food and drink and extreme weather conditions. They could be in remote locations 1000s of kilometres from the nearest technician. So we design for reliability and serviceability from the very start, and support our customers throughout the life of the product – which can be over 10 years.

Our team works with clients throughout the design and build process to ensure that we are meeting the brief at every stage. Customers love seeing their ideas take shape, through the modelling and prototyping process, to final production.

We’re known for our no-hassle approach to support and for always finding a way, whatever the challenge.

We value our customer relationships, and, like our products, build them to last.