When only a unique, tailor-made product will meet your brief, the Neo Custom design and engineering service fits the bill.

When you’ve got a product, but it’s not a 100% fit with your requirements, Neo will design and implement the engineering changes that make all the difference and get you from ‘nearly there’ to ‘perfect’.

We are your on-demand design and manufacturing facility – from a one-off unit to 1000s.

Neo’s Custom service has helped customers to:

  • Fit a terminal to the available desk or workspace configuration
  • Separate the operator and customer components of a previously integrated system
  • Ruggedise equipment for harsh conditions

Neo specialises in designing for serviceability and support – long term. There are Neo Solutions still in operation well after 10 years in service.

We’re so confident of the reliability and serviceability of our solutions that we put our money where our mouth is with warranties of up to 15 years. Try finding that elsewhere.

1. Understand

Our product development process starts with detailed workshops to fully understand your priorities and the business and technical brief.


2. Create

The next step is to explore potential solutions – through concept sketches, CAD simulations and mock-ups. The preferred concepts are worked into detailed engineering drawings for final design selection.


3. Develop

We build a fully functioning prototype unit to validate the operation and design of the chosen solution, carry out ergonomic analysis, and initiate safety and compliance certifications. It can often be used as a client proof of concept.


4. Validate

The engineering documentation is refined, including detailed CAD drawings; design tweaks for production requirements; work instruction details for production; operator and service manuals; final testing and compliance; exploded drawings for suppliers and installation details. The result is the final designs for manufacture and for assembly – created with servicing and maintenance in mind, and engineered to make these tasks as simple as possible.


5. Produce

Manufacturing is at our 2600 m2 factory in Melbourne, Australia, which has the capacity to produce over 400 units a week. We manufacture in-house to ensure:

  • Quality – our design and manufacturing bases are certified to ISO 9001
  • Delivery on commitments – no competing priorities on manufacturing lines
  • Flexibility – the ability to adapt to changing requirements


Testing, logistics and support

Neo factory floor

All products are soak tested to minimise ‘out-of-box’ failures. Customised packaging for domestic or international shipping is part of the design package.

Neo’s warehouse has over 300 pallet spaces for stock and finished goods, and we can distribute and co-ordinate site delivery worldwide, tracking packages at all stages of the delivery process.


Support Services

Your Neo Custom solution includes a comprehensive range of services to support to you throughout the life of your project. You simply select the elements you need:

Project Services

Installation, commission, and project management for smooth integration of the solution into the business.

Customer Services

Servicing, warranties and extended warranties – we provide onsite or return to base support. Or if you prefer to be self-sufficient, we will provide training and phone support for your team or your current service provider.

Managed Services

Neo Custom can include a complete managed service for a stress-free environment throughout the life of your project:

  • Remote monitoring for error logging and reordering of consumables as the stocks diminish.
  • Software and content updates – sent remotely to individual or groups of devices.
  • Source and supply of consumables


Neo Custom – Software design

If your Neo Custom solution includes software, it needs to be reliable, engaging and user friendly. The key elements of our software design include:

Graphical User Interface – creating an engaging user experience
We focus on fast to load screens, with interesting and relevant content, specially designed for your target audience. Our framework makes use of graphical hardware acceleration, facilitating the efficient use of animations and vector based graphics.

Remote Monitoring
Instant awareness of your infrastructure, for early identification and resolution of problems

The Neo Custom software framework includes payment modules that allow us to rapidly develop secure transactional systems.

Content Management and Distribution
Planning how content will be updated is essential to a long term successful project. The Neo Custom content management system allows remote application distribution and content updates, and supports scheduled downloads, scheduled installs within a secure client / server architecture.