Neon’s proven reliability and no-hassle maintenance make it our most popular kiosk.

The Neon 22L is a large screen desk mount, wall mount or freestanding kiosk with a large (21.5-inch) landscape screen suitable for a variety of applications.

The edge-to-edge glass provides for a modern sleek look for those clients who want their kiosk to be user-friendly and aesthetically pleasing.

We have thousands of Neons in use, across a range of industries and environments. With options for a receipt printer, barcode scanner, swipe card reader, and NFC this unit is a useful tool for many applications.

Dual-touch 21.5-inch screen

Large dual-touch projected capacitive screen for a familiar customer interface and superior resilience for public use.

Edge-to-edge glass

Tough, crystal-clear edge-to-edge glass for great looks, resilience, long life and simple maintenance.

Highly configurable formats and options

An adaptable ‘all-round player’ that meets the requirements of a range of industries.

  • Features

    • 21.5-inch dual-touch projected capacitive screen
    • Edge-to-edge, chemically toughened glass
  • Dimensions

    • Freestanding

      1419mm x 560mm x 640mm
    • Wall mounted

      528mm x 554mm x 400mm
    • Desk top

      1430mm x 555mm x 580mm
  • Options

    • Receipt printer 58-80mm
    • Barcode scanner
    • Swipe card reader
    • NFC
    • Custom branding
  • Applications

    • Retail
    • Wagering and Gaming
    • Information
    • Ordering
    • Media download

Custom design

Not quite sure that the Neon 22L fits your exact needs?
Speak to us today about a custom-made solution.