The tough, secure Outpost 37 delivers public information in all environments, with sealing, temperature management and high-brightness for outdoor use.

Provide 24/7 wayfinding, information or ticketing in outdoor environments.

The Outpost 37 is solid, strong and built tough to withstand all conditions.

Designed for maximum availability, with minimal intervention and ease of maintenance.

Houses a range of technologies in a robust, secure cabinet

An unattended, outdoor kiosk must be highly resilient and secure – the Outpost 37 uses industrial-grade PC technology and has a toughened cabinet that can be directly bolted to a concrete floor.

Twin skinned, fully sealed, ventilated, daylight readable LCDs

The Outpost 37 is fully weather resistant, equally able to cope with heat, cold, rain, dust and bright light to ensure your customers can always get the information they need.

Single or dual screen options

For maximum flexibility in delivering your information indoors, choose between a single 37-inch touch LCD screen or 2 x 17-inch touch or signage screens (Outdoors – 37-inch only).

  • Features

    • Robust
    • Industrial PC
    • Modular component construction
  • Dimensions

    • Freestanding

      2300mm x 520mm x 530mm
  • Options

    • 2 x 17-inch LCD Monitor (touch and/or signage) or 37-inch LCD Touch Monitor
    • 110 mm Thermal Printer
    • Mag Stripe Card Reader
    • Custom branding
  • Applications

    • Outdoor
    • Information Access
    • Wayfinding
    • Ticketing
    • Advertising

Custom design

Not quite sure that the Outpost 37 fits your exact needs?
Speak to us today about a custom-made solution.