The Pathfinder 22 delivers self-service information entry and retrieval.

Expand your service – to new locations and for extended hours, without increasing staff headcount.

The Pathfinder 22 is ideally suited for information entry and retrieval applications such as local council payments, library, HR, job search, careers and recruitment and includes a multi-stack thermal A4 printer.

It is highly accessible to users with a range of abilities.

Full desktop configuration

Allows users to input data via keyboard, touch screen, NFC or RFID, and to receive information on screen, audibly or in A4 print.

Ruggedised and tailored

The Pathfinder 22 can be deployed in a range of locations – its rugged design will keep it secure and we can customise it with your branding to ensure it is noticed.

Modular design and flexible configuration options for access

The Pathfinder 22 is designed to be highly accessible – it can be configured for seating, standing or wheelchair use, and comes with a range of options for input and receipt of information.

  • Features

    • Seated, standing or wheelchair access
    • 21.5-inch projected capacitive touchscreen (landscape)
    • Modular design
    • RFID reader
    • Sound
  • Dimensions

    • Free standing

      1282mm x 551mm x 622mm
  • Options

    • Keyboard
    • A4 Printer
    • NFC
    • Custom branding
  • Applications

    • HR
    • Transactional
    • Job Search
    • Careers and Recruiting
    • Information
    • Promotional

Custom design

Not quite sure that the Pathfinder 22 fits your exact needs?
Speak to us today about a custom-made solution.