The Tablet 12 gives you a point of presence in the smallest of spaces, putting you right where your customers need you.

When you need to be on the spot with your customers  – for check-in, ticketing, order taking, payment, wayfinding and a host of other applications.

The Tablet 12 allows for a highly secure roll-out across a range of tablet technologies.

Stylish, rugged and practical; the Tablet 12 keeps your devices secure and looking great.

Supports iPad, Android and Windows tablets

You choose the best technology for your application – we support all the major tablet platforms, and will design for others as required.

Laser cut, secure and ruggedised housings

The Tablet 12 is specifically designed for the exact tablet model, with perfect alignment and no movement. The housings are fully ruggedised and secure, so you can roll out your service in even the most demanding environments.

Slimline, flexible design

The Tablet 12 fits into the tightest of spaces - as a floor-bolted freestanding unit, or in a desktop or wall-mounted configuration.

  • Features

    • Ruggedised housing
    • Steel welded post
    • Supports iPad, Android or Windows Tablet
    • Small footprint
  • Dimensions

    • Wall mount (landscape)

      250mm x 320mm x 220mm
    • Desk top (portrait)

      310mm x 220mm x 320mm
    • Pedestal mount (landscape)

      1170mm x 400mm x 400mm
    • Incorporated printer

      1200mm x 320mm x 250mm
  • Options

    • Windows, Android or iOS operating system
    • Wall mount, bench mount or free standing applications
    • Thermal printer 58-80mm
    • Custom branding
  • Applications

    • Wayfinding
    • Information
    • Ticketing
    • Order taking
    • Payment
    • Check-in
    • Queue management

Custom design

Not quite sure that the Tablet 12 fits your exact needs?
Speak to us today about a custom-made solution.