Maintaining secure borders is an increasingly important priority for all countries – knowing who is entering and excluding those without the appropriate credentials.

Border control organisations struggle to balance efficiency and speed for the welcome majority of arrivals, with the security measures to keep out the unwelcome few. Manual checking of documents is costly in staff resources and can lead to the long queues that are disheartening to the traveller at the end of a long international journey.

Self-service ‘Smartgates’ have made a positive impact on the speed, efficiency and customer service that border control organisations offer. They validate passport details and use biometric information for positive identification of travellers – freeing staff to manage exceptions, reducing costs and dramatically speeding up transit time through immigration.

Neo has designed and supplied thousands of Smartgate kiosks to border control agencies in a range of countries. Their ease of support, low maintenance and extended warranty gives them the longest field life of any available self-service solution.

  • Safran

    NeoProducts worked in conjunction with Morpho (Safran), a world leader in the security market, to create a system coupling multiple kiosks to one gate - a solution which is currently unique to Australia and NZ. The use of this kiosks/gate ratio allows for swifter processing.

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  • New Zealand Customs Service

    Cars come with 3-5 years, computers with 1-3 years, household appliances with 3-5 years. We’re talking warranties, and a maximum of 5 years is typical for electro-mechanical products, which are in in constant use, by everyday, non-specialist, operators. So imagine a self-service kiosk that is used for up to 18 hours a day, by the general public, and which carries a 15-year warranty. Yes, you read right – 15 years. That is exactly what security solution provider Morpho has because they chose to partner with Neo Products on the Australia and NZ Customs Smartgate systems. Neo are so confident of their design, manufacture and production processes that they provide warranty support for the entire length of the 15-year supply contract.

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