Government agencies are often faced with the dilemma of providing up-to-date services to the community whilst keeping cost to the tax payer down.

Self-service kiosks are a cost effective way to deliver services and to communicate with the public on a range of issues.  They can be the mainstay of service delivery – such as in job-finding centres – or they can provide an economical way of supplying information and services to remote areas of the community.  They have the ability to increase service to a 24 hour capacity and to give access to citizens who do not have internet access.  All government agencies can benefit from increased efficiency, increased ROI and improved reporting by implementing self-service solutions.

NeoProducts have experience working with all levels of government in many countries, including the Australian and UK Governments through Job Search and Border Control kiosks, showing our large scale both on a manufacture and financial side of things.  We have worked with councils and communities through Community Feedback and Hitnet kiosks where we have provided both indoor and outdoor kiosks and have been able to service some of the most remote areas in the world.  We have also collaborated with the state of QLD government to produce extremely robust indoor and outdoor Translink kiosks.

At NeoProducts we understand the specific needs and requirements of government departments and design with a modular approach to provide solutions that are easy to maintain, service, and upgrade.  Our kiosks will stand the test of time, they are designed to be easy to use with minimum down time and with infection control for the health sector.

  • Daintree Discovery Centre - Pt 1

    What do broomsticks and bush rats have in common?

    In the context of this article, they are two facets of the cause and effect of good kiosk design.

    First the bush rats.

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  • The Lao Government

    The United Nations’ 17 Goals for Sustainable Development set targets for key priorities including Health, Education, Gender equality, Women’s Empowerment and Reducing Inequality, with the aim of transforming our world by 2030. Laos, the South East Asian country of 7 million people, faces some enormous challenges including contamination with unexploded ordinance (UXO) from the Vietnam war; human trafficking; and youth unemployment.

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  • Victorian Bushfire Reconstruction and Recovery Authority (VBRRA)

    Saturday February 7th, 2009 is now imprinted into the Australian psyche as “Black Saturday”; the day fire storms swept the Victorian countryside destroying 2029 homes and claiming 173 human lives. One of the most devastated communities was the mountain village of Marysville who was subject to almost total destruction. In the aftermath of this tragedy, the community of Marysville was faced with the task of rebuilding their town. The Local Council had ideas in place of how to best approach the task, however knew that for the rebuilding to be successful and hold through the future they required community feedback and input.

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  • Jobcentre Plus (UK Government)

    Jobcentre Plus is part of the UK Department of Work and Pensions, and is one of the world’s largest government employment services. It is available to jobseekers and employers to use, free of charge, to find and fill job vacancies.

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  • Hitnet

    Hitnet is an innovative Australian ‘Communication for Development’ company that produces rich learning media with and for those living on the wrong side of the digital divide. They work with populations marginalised by culture, technology, socio-economic disadvantage and distance. HitNet recognised the power of technology to address some of these issues, and approached NeoProducts to produce a tailor made interactive kiosk.

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  • New Zealand Customs Service

    Cars come with 3-5 years, computers with 1-3 years, household appliances with 3-5 years. We’re talking warranties, and a maximum of 5 years is typical for electro-mechanical products, which are in in constant use, by everyday, non-specialist, operators. So imagine a self-service kiosk that is used for up to 18 hours a day, by the general public, and which carries a 15-year warranty. Yes, you read right – 15 years. That is exactly what security solution provider Morpho has because they chose to partner with Neo Products on the Australia and NZ Customs Smartgate systems. Neo are so confident of their design, manufacture and production processes that they provide warranty support for the entire length of the 15-year supply contract.

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