In retail, customer experience is what sets apart the winners. A great customer shopping experience builds a loyal base of customers who keep coming back and who spread the word to others. That positive shopping experience is founded on access to information and rapid service.

Today’s shoppers are increasingly tech savvy and many prefer to do-it-themselves when it comes to finding information, purchasing and paying for products. Those who do want staff to help them, want that help at the point of purchase, with information and checkout available in the aisle, not from a fixed desk.

Kiosks are a reliable and cost-effective way of delivering a positive experience. Whether it is wayfinding information to help the customer find their way straight to the goods they are interested in, or an ‘endless aisle’ showing them products that aren’t physically in the store, kiosks can provide the user-friendly, efficient help that consumers demand.

Self-service payment has become highly accepted and often preferred by shoppers. In some cases, the kiosk becomes the store, delivering the goods as well as taking payment. Retailers can extend their presence outside their four walls and outside standard shopping hours for goods such as tickets, travel card and top-ups, photos and phone skins.

Neo has worked with leading retailers in Australia and the UK, to help them enhance their customers’ experience, cut costs and increase their revenue. Neo kiosks are designed to be easy to use, highly brandable and simple to maintain, for long life in store or out.

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