Heatwave no issue for cemetery tech

Melbourne’s infamous heatwaves have proven no match for Neo’s wayfinding technology installed at the new wing of Bunurong Memorial Park.

Facing issues with their existing information services and wanting to modernize their facilities, Bunurong Memorial Park enlisted NeoProducts to incorporate reliable technology into their new cemetery development.

The 55 inch high brightness touchscreen kiosks and chapel signage are fitted into insulated housings that keep the technology at a safe operating temperature.  Remote access software also enables the Neo team to monitor the machines.

“The Neo commitment to reliability goes beyond the technology and hardware” said NeoProducts’ Project Manager Chris Avramopoulos.  “We partnered with the client, their architects and their builders to integrate the technology into the aesthetic and functionality of the new buildings.  The result is an elegant and practical way to assist visitors to find their way around the park.”

“Managing the kiosks and signage is easy for our reception staff and low touch for our IT support team” said Southern Metropolitan Cemeteries’ Trust IT Manager, Andrew Jackman.  “Neo’s products met all our requirements and their service was outstanding”.

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